5 Common Ways Employees Can Earn Corporate Trophies

Did you know about 75 percent of organizations have an employee recognition or appreciation program? This proves how seriously employers value the importance of acknowledging standout employees. As an employee, earning a corporate award comes with a number of benefits. For starters, recognition means you will catch the (often elusive) eye of the higher-ups, meaning you stand a good chance of getting a promotion or pay rise. It also earns you the trust and respect of your colleagues.

But how do you earn these corporate trophies in the first place? Keep reading to find out!

1. Production Volume

If you work in a company that depends on high production volumes to meet revenue targets, then increasing your output can earn you a trophy. However, increasing output doesn't necessarily mean becoming a workhorse overnight. You must begin by understanding the company's daily or weekly production numbers in your unit or department. Next, analyse the production rates of other employees in your line.

With this information in mind, you'll be able to know how much work you need to put in to outperform your colleagues, and also beat the company's expectations. Do this consistently. Don't increase your production volume this week, and then let it take a dip next week. Employers love consistent high performers, as it demonstrates commitment.

2. Quality of Work

Another way to earn corporate trophies is to be proficient in your job. This is especially important for customer-facing employees. Let's say you work as a customer service specialist. Doing quality work means delivering excellent services to the company's customers. Your efforts might go unnoticed by your supervisor, but once positive customer feedback starts pouring in, the company will notice and award you.

3. Innovative Ideas

Companies are always looking for innovative ways to reduce costs, beat the competition and produce better products. If you have a knack for innovation and you feel earning corporate trophies is a career goal you want to achieve, then you should go the extra mile to come up with an innovative idea for the company. Look at the company's current challenges. Is it having trouble creating a superior product? Is it struggling to improve service delivery? Once you find a major problem, generate an idea that can help the firm solve it. Your employers will certainly reward you.

4. Professionalism and Integrity

Sometimes you don't have to innovate or perform beyond expectations to get a company trophy. You just need to be a true professional of irrefutable integrity. Adhere to your profession's ethics and don't violate the company's policies. Also, if you can, steer clear of office gossips or drama, and collaborate with your colleagues in a professional manner. The company will award you a trophy for your integrity and even promote you to a leadership position.

5. Company Milestones

Finally, you can also win company trophies by reaching certain milestones. To win a milestone award, you must identify the various milestones set by other employees, and then work towards bettering them. For instance, if the company's longest serving employee stayed for 15 years, you can choose to stay longer (assuming you don't get fired). Such an award will even be more meaningful because we live in a generation where millennials are hoping from one job to the next quite often.

Get the Best Corporate Trophies

As employees do their best to earn corporate trophies, employers have a duty to ensure these trophies are the best in the market. If the company offers trophies that aren't valuable, attractive or prestigious, employees won't have the motivation to work for them.

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