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What To Include On Your Trophies

Filling your mantle with trophies is the best way to show off your successes. They look great, they're great conversation pieces, and they'll bring you on a trip down memory lane to your former glories.

It's even better when the trophy is unique and personalised.

A personalised trophy will bring joy to anyone who receives it. It's one thing getting a trophy for being good at something; it's another entirely to have your name on the trophy for all to see.

Personalised trophies are great for anything, from a fantasy football league champion to a cricket tournament MVP. An engraved trophy is literally perfect for any occasion.

But what should be on the trophy?

1) Depict the Activity On Personalised Trophies

Upon receiving the trophy, the person should be able to look at the topper and know exactly what the trophy is for. If it's a trophy for soccer, depict a soccer ball or a figure kicking a ball. If it's for academics, have a book as the topper.

You can get creative these days with trophy toppers. Most shops have a wide selection of trophy toppers to suit almost any need.

2) Name of The Organization Awarding Trophies

To show that the trophy is official in nature, you need to engrave the name of the organisation issuing the trophy. If it just says the person's name and what it's for, people might think that they had the trophy made for themselves.

Putting the name of the organisation on it gives the trophy more of a story to tell. When the person looks at the trophy in years time, they'll be able to remember who they got it from.

3) Name of The Person Receiving Trophies

This is the most important part of a personalised trophy. The topper is for looks, the organisation name is to give it some weight, but the person's name being on the trophy will let them know that it was for them and no one else.

4) What the Achievement Is for Receiving Trophies

When the trophy winner is looking back on their achievements, it's good to remind them what they did to earn the trophy. A trophy is the visual representation of a memory when the person succeeded at something.

If it's for something academic, write something like "For Excellence in Mathematics". If it's for achievement in sport, write "1st Place in Swimming"

5) IncludeThe Year on Your Trophies

The last thing that you need to include on the trophy is the year that it was issued.

Not only is it good for keeping track of who won when, but it's a nice reminder to the person that received the personalised trophy of how old they were when it happened.

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