Types of Trophies

Crystal Trophies

Crystal (or Crystalline) trophies are the George Clooney's of the trophy world. They are smooth, elegant, timeless, and a sight for sore eyes! They tend to be the most prestigious awards with their weight proving their worth.

A crystal trophy is suitable for any award ceremony, but due to its value, most likely used for an annual recognition program. Key company players that go above and beyond are the perfect recipients for this grand reward!

Glass Trophies

Like the look of crystal but don't have the budget for it? Glass award trophies are a great alternative. They give a clean presentation and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Glass trophies allow you to add stylish flair to your recognition with colour infusion and other artful elements.

Give a glass trophy for any award or honour – milestones and promotions are always great events to recognize!

Acrylic Trophies

Fun shapes and bright colours are just a start. With acrylic trophies the possibilities are practically endless. Acrylic is a transparent synthetic fibre that resembles glass, however it is lightweight and shatter-resistant, unlike glass.

Acrylic awards are great to give if you are looking for something a little less traditional (though classic designs can still be made from acrylic). They are perfect to give when giving out many trophies at once, as they tend to be a more cost-effective option.

Stone Trophies

Stone trophy awards are modern beauties. With materials like marble, agate, and concrete, they double as pieces of art, where they stand out among the rest of the trophies or office decor. They can easily be placed in any space and demand attention – like they deserve!

Giving a stone trophy is a great idea if your organization's brand fits a modern style or if you just like the look of them. The sense of grandeur that comes with a stone award make it a great trophy option for any prestigious honour.

Metal Trophies

These trophies are all high-shine and heavy-weight! A metal trophy is a true classic award of achievement and appropriate for high honour occasions.

It might be a good idea to wear white gloves when gifting a metal trophy. These nickel finish beauties tend to show fingerprints, but don't worry all our metal trophies come with a microfiber cloth to keep them shining!

Wood Trophies

Our most popular wood trophies are a twist on the traditional plaque. They offer a character but can stand on their own – making them easy to display. Our wood trophies are typically made of cherry wood, giving a luxe feel and impressive presentation.

A wood trophy would be a great award when honouring a specific trait or quality, since ours come with a character story.

Jade Glass Trophies

Jade glass trophies are affordable elegance. They have a slight green hue to them making them uniquely beautiful. Perfect for giving on a budget! Though they're lower in cost, their quality is not compromised.

Alternative Award Options

A trophy not the award for you? Give a certificate or plaque instead! Plaques are awards worth hanging and vary in size and material. Certificate awards are also worth displaying. Present a certificate for achievement for any milestone or success. We recommend gifting them a certificate frame to go with the certificate so they have something to display it in!

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